6U 450mm Deep Outdoor Cabinet with 2 fans

6U 450mm Deep Outdoor Cabinet with 2 fans


Assembly: Supplied Assembled
Fans: 2
Material: Mild Steel, Powder-Coated
Mounting: Wall Mount
Number of Glands: 3
Rating: Outdoor Weatherproof
Tray Compatibility: CAB-T300CAB-T350*
* Requires upright adjustment

Dimensions: 425 x 630 x 455mm (L x W x D)
Weight: 23.30kg
Volumetric Weight: 36.60kg



CAB-6UO is manufactured from cold-rolled steel and is Phosphate & powder-coated to protect against water corrosion. This unit has a solid front door with additional foam rubber padding to ensure a water-and-dust-tight seal when closed. The door’s double lock system offers robust security for your outdoor installations.

The vents on the side panels have an additional metal mesh filter, set into a double wall on the inside, adding to the dust resistance and cooling of the cabinet. The cabinet has 2x ceiling mounted fans which pull the hot air into the roof and out of the cabinet via the vents to keep the equipment inside the cabinet cool. The side vents further aid in the cooling of internal devices. Rubber glands allow for incoming cables from below.

*Note: Scoop does not recommend installation of these cabinets in coastal areas as rusting within the first year may occur and regular maintenance with an anti-rust agent such as “Hammerite” paint may be required.

Supplied Assembled.


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