7W Emergency Light Bayonet B22 White

7W Emergency Light Bayonet B22 White




emergency intelligent Globe 7W bayonet type work just like a normal LED light bulb, with one big difference however, it carries on working during power outages as well for up to 4 hours.

Emergency Intelligent Globe 7W bayonet type Info

These bulbs are equivalent to a 60W incandescent as well as providing  around 700 lumens. They are super easy to install as they go into your fitting just like a normal globe. Install and forget!  These globes are available in  Bayonet as well as Screw type ( E27 / B22 ). They are bothe cool white, which we feel is better for nail techs. When our friends at Eskom decide to load shed, these beauties will stay on! You get to switch on the lights during power outages. They are also simple to recharge. When power is restored simply leave them on for 5 hours and they good to go for the next crisis!

More Information

The regular 7W LED bulbs feature the best quality LED chips together with a frosted cover which produces a great light output. It is aesthetically and intelligently designed to significantly reduce energy consumption by up to 80% and deliver long life performance allowing stress free hours of use. It furthermore gives out an excellent wide beam angle of light. Perfect for the indoor lighting, such as home, bedroom, living room, hallway, hotel, kitchen, studio, restaurant, hotel, library, meeting room, show room, shop window and many other applications. It has the added benefit of staying on when the power does not.

Emergency Intelligent Globe 7W Usage Instructions.

Always use either intelligent globes on their own or in conjunction with regular LED lamps do not use with incandescent bulbs..

Never use intelligent globes on the same switch circuit with other types of bulbs.

Avoid getting the bulbs wet, they are designed for use indoors.

Should globes be faulty remove and replace with a new one.


Input voltage: 220V /AC
Conversion time: 1s
Charging method: charges with switch on
Charging time: 5-10 hours
Emergency time:4-6 hours
Emergency light power: half bright


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