MikroTik LoRaWAN miniPCI-e Gateway Card | R11e-LoRa8

MikroTik LoRaWAN miniPCI-e Gateway Card | R11e-LoRa8




MikroTik’s RB-11LORA is a LoRaWAN concentrator Gateway card in miniPCI-e form factor based on the Semtech SX1301 chipset. With the support of 8 different channels, Listen Before Talk (LBT) and spectral scan features, it enables LoRaWAN connectivity for any MikroTik product that has a miniPCI-e slot with connected USB lines on the 863-870 MHz frequency. Any RouterBoard with a miniPCI-e interface supporting LTE modems can be turned into a LoRaWAN gateway by installing this card.

*Note:┬áRouterOS doesn’t support 3rd party LoRaWAN gateway cards.



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