Ubiquiti airFiber5X HD PtP Radio Gigabit WiFi | AF-5XHD

Ubiquiti airFiber5X HD PtP Radio Gigabit WiFi | AF-5XHD




Ubiquiti’s AF-5XHD is designed for use in the 5GHz frequency band. It offers channel bandwidth of up to 100MHz, GPS synchronization and uses airOS LTU, manageable via UNMS. The AF-5XHD is designed to work with slant-polarized antennas for improved noise immunity and signal-to-noise ratio but is also compatible with other dish antennas in the Ubiquiti range.

Suggested Application: Suitable for outdoor, long-distance, high capacity PtP applications and can also be used as a long-range CPE if required (LTU). Compatible with 5.8GHz airFiberairMAX and airMAX AC antennas. We suggest conducting a full site survey before purchasing any equipment. To facilitate the planning phases of your installation you can make use of the Ubiquiti Link Calculator.

*Note: Antenna not included. The AF-5XHD only functions in PtP or Clent mode and therefore is not suitable as an Access Point for PtMP installations. The AF-5XHD is not backwards compatible with the AF5X.


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